Here at Showcase Beams we take pride in our work and offer customers the best faux beams, floor finishes, garage door finishes, stone and brick work, cabinet finishes, and door finishes available. Faux Wood BeamsLocated in San Diego, we provide and install all of our faux wood products anywhere in Southern California. Many of our local competitors only offer faux beams and leave customers scrambling to find someone capable of installing them. This can increase costs, and the service and experience of those who do the installation may be questionable to say the least.

Our ceiling beams are also lightweight so no additional support is needed, unlike some competitors faux beams which are heavy. Heavy beams mean additional support is needed which becomes an additional cost for the customer.

We take the middleman out of the equation to help cut costs for the customer, and provide professional installation with each of our products so the job is done once…the right way.

Faux Wood BeamsAdding wood beams, brickwork, or finishes will help increase the equity of your home in an environmentally friendly way. “We Save Trees” is our company motto and that is what we do here at Showcase Beams since none of our products are made of wood. Faux wood beams and faux finishes are not only an eco-friendly means of increasing home equity, they also cost a fraction of what real wood beams will so they are wallet-friendly as well.

We guarantee top quality craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction.

Call now for a free estimate!  760-443-1792

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